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Shireen D Keyl

Shireen D Keyl

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: USU-Ephraim
Phone: 435-283-5649

Educational Background:

Ph.D., University of Arizona

Shireen Keyl is a clinical assistant professor with a focus on the education of women and girls in global context. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership, related to subaltern pedagogy and practice of refugee, migrant worker, and other transnational groups in the Middle East.  Her research focus is on the epistemological processes of subaltern groups in non-governmental and grassroots organizations as these relate to empowering strategies. Her qualitative research utilizes critical frameworks such as postcolonial feminisms and global critical race theories to examine race and race relations, both in the U.S. and Middle East region. She has taught in K–12 public schools, in both rural and urban areas in the United States, as an inclusion educator for social service organizations working with students from diverse race and class backgrounds. As an educational researcher and practitioner in the Middle East region, Shireen has conducted fieldwork in Turkey, Iran, and Lebanon. In the past, she has worked with Afghan refugees in Tehran and migrant domestic workers in Beirut as an English teacher. She has also provided consultation to NGOs in India and Iran. Her Ph.D. is from the University of Arizona in Language, Reading and Culture in Education.

Representative Publications


Aldemar Álvarez V. J., Amanti, C., Keyl, S., & Mackinney, E. (2016) Critical Views on Teaching and Learning English Around the Globe: Qualitative Research Approaches. Charlotte: Information Age Publishers.


 Keyl, S. (2016). Subaltern Pedagogy and Practice: a Theorizing of Educational Practices for Marginalized Border-Crossers. International Journal of Critical Pedagogy.


Keyl, S. (2016).  Learning English in the Margins: Migrant Worker Knowledge Production in Beirut’s NGO Spaces. In V. Álvarez, A. Amanti, S. Keyl & E. Mackinney (Eds.), Critical Views on Teaching and Learning English Around the Globe: Qualitative Research Approaches.