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Beth L MacDonald

Beth L MacDonald

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: EDUC 331
Phone: 435-797-1097

Educational Background:

In the spring 2014, Dr. Beth L. MacDonald joined the faculty in the College of Education and Human Services as an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Education and Leadership Programs. Dr. MacDonald recently earned her Ph.D. from Virginia Tech University in the fall 2013 after working for 15 years as an elementary school teacher and 2 years as an instructional specialist. Dr. MacDonald's research focuses on the relationship between preschool children’s subitizing activity and number understanding. Particularly, she is interested in developing mathematical games that can serve as a type of small group intervention and dynamic assessment model. Dr. MacDonald anticipates that these embedded assessments and intervention tools resulting from her research would be used to both inform educators in the early elementary grades about what their students understand in mathematics and support differentiated instruction.