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Amy Wilson-Lopez

Amy Wilson-Lopez

Associate Professor, Adolescent Literacy

Contact Information

Office Location: EDUC 333
Phone: 435-797-0376


Dr. Amy Wilson-Lopez (Amy Alexandra Wilson) is an Associate Professor in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership. Her research focuses on creating equitable opportunities for underrepresented students to participate in STEM fields through youth-driven, community-based, literacy-infused engineering projects and pedagogies. In particular, she studies how language and literacy supports can be used to enhance rigorous and relevant engineering design experiences among K-12 students who are learning English.

Currently funded projects include the following:

Literacies in Engineering for Access and Participation Conference ID=1644976&HistoricalAwards=false

Learning from Engineers to Develop a Model of Disciplinary Literacy in Engineering

CAREER: Examining Factors that Foster Latino Middle School Students' Engineering Design Thinking in Literacy-Infused Technology and Engineering Classrooms